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Lars Fiero was born in Berlin. Since the age of 12 he has been singing and writing his own songs on guitar and piano and says: "A good song is like life - a journey".

His own life journey has already taken him to many places around the world, with California and his one-year stay certainly being the most formative:
The openness of the people there, the creative exchange with other artists, the sun, the sea and the free spirit are the triggers for his artistic development and fuel his passion and dream to be on stage.


In the past 2 years, however, almost all concerts were cancelled due to the difficult corona conditions, but the motivated artist did not give up on his path and put this phase under the motto:
"If we can't play concerts, we'll just make an album!".

Lars used the time in a creative way, writing songs about the topics that have been stuck in his head since his time in the USA.

Despite the crisis that is affecting us all, his songs reflect the positive energy that inspired him so much in California. Joy, hope and confidence in times of uncertainty are at the center, but also the processing of experiences and feelings find a place on the debut album, which will be released in early 2022.

With hits like "Bucketlist" or "Stones" the artist wants to give back to the fans some of the precious energy and support he himself has experienced from them before.


For Lars, an important part in the production of this album was the presence of Marvin A. Smith, whom the artist met during a musical Netflix production in London.
In collaboration with the independent label DHP | DIE HAMBURGER PLATTENFIRMA and the music producer Kay Scheibner of the "Tonlabor" in Hamburg, the creation which the artist himself describes as the "most important and significant step" in his life is finally recorded.


"A good song is like life - a journey" and the journey starts here.


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